Welcome to our school
Heatherlands Pre-Primary offers an enriching curriculum program for learners that follows the CAPS curriculum put out by the Department of Education.

Our Environment

With a inviting home environment your kids feel comfortable and relaxed. A large garden and outdoor area with jungle gym, plastic bikes to ride on, plenty of space to hoola hoop and play catches. Our learning area is colourful and full of learning activities where young minds can thrive.

WELL nourished

Working hard and playing hard can burn up a lot of energy. We make delicious meals so your children are well fed at school and can get on with the more important things in life like learning and socialising with their friends.



Welcome to a place where every learner is accepted as the unique individual they are. Each and every one of them are explorers burning to learn and discover. Here at Heatherlands Pre-Primary we strive to create an inviting, loving and caring atmosphere with qualified teachers to ensure that they get nothing but the best education. Heatherlands Pre-Primary offers an enriching curriculum program that follows the CAPS curriculum put out by the Department of Education.

A Word

From Our Principal

” Being involved with children for 14 years it has always been a dream to open up my own school. A safe, loving place where children can learn and grow in a fun-educational way. Being able to provide what is needed and with teachers that has a passion and unlimited love for learners. This dream came true a couple of years ago and so Heatherlands Pre-primary became a reality. “

– Marizaan Faber



Monday: Fishcakes, mash and sweetcorn

Tuesday: Chicken Ala King, rice and vegetables

Wednesday: Macaroni and cheese

Thursday: Mince stew and rice with sweet carrots

Friday: Vetkoek and syrup



Monday: Sausage stew and rice

Tuesday: Spaghetti bolognaise

Wednesday:  French toast, syrup

Thursday: Chicken dish with vegetables

Friday: Pizza



Monday: Meatballs, rice and sweet pumpkin

Tuesday: Tuna pasta bake

Wednesday: Chicken pie

Thursday: Quiche

Friday: Hotdogs



Monday: Fish fingers, chips and baked beans

Tuesday: Toasted chicken sandwiches

Wednesday: Beef pie

Thursday: Mince pasta dish with sweetcorn

Friday: Flapjacks with syrup

Our School

Enthusiastic & Talented

At Heatherlands Pre-Primary we strive to provide an education that meets the needs of all children. We offer a wide and varied curriculum taught by enthusiastic, talented staff. We acknowledge that academic success is not something all students find easy, however our goal is to have all our students realize their full potential.



Open Times and Holidays

Half Day
Monday – Friday 07h00 – 12h30
Full Day
Monday – Friday 07h00 – 17h30
School Holidays follow the above times
Public Holidays
Heatherlands Pre-Primer sal gesluit wees vir skool vakansie vanaf 14 Desember 2018 tot in met 7 January 2019 wanneer skole heropen.
Heatherlands Pre-Primary will be closed for holidays from 14 December 2018 and re-open in 7 January 2019 when the schools reopen.


After School programs


Years Established

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Location:   10 Kollege Road, George, Western Cape

Telephone:  076 719 1887

Email: info@heatherlands.co.za


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