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We take on learners from age 3 – 6 years and also offer an aftercare programme where you can be sure that your child’s homework will be done. The school is a 5 day per week program that operates Monday-Friday from 7:00am to 17:30pm. Our qualified teachers (SACE registered) use a variety of teaching methods to instruct learners every day in class.


Students Grow & Excel in the right Environment

Focusing on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Standards, our preschool staff creates daily lesson plans that will enrich your child’s curious mind and colourful imagination.

Our goal is to facilitate “holistic child” development where the social, emotional, physical, educational and creativity are integral components of your child’s educational experience. 



• At school
• In the classroom
• Me
• My body
• My family
• Healthy Living
• Summer
• Shapes
• Colours
• Festivals and special days



• Home
• Safety at home
• Weather
• Autumn
• Sound
• Sight
• Touch
• Taste
• Smell
• Festivals and special days



• Fruit
• Vegetables
• Winter
• Dairy farming
• Wool farming
• Transport
• Jobs people do
• A healthy environment
• Recycling



• Spring
• Birds
• Reptiles
• Farm Animals
• Wild animals
• Sport
• Festivals and special days
• Consolidation of topics and assessment

FOCUS on the child

Our classes will not exceed 20 learners which makes it possible that each and every learner will get the attention they need to build on their strong as well as develop new qualities.



When appointing staff, our highest priority is to find teachers who have a passion for teaching and unlimited love for children. This is because we know that children need to feel safe, happy and valued by their teacher, before quality learning can take place.
Learners at Heatherlands Pre-Primary are encouraged to think positively about what they have achieved. This climate ensures students feel good about themselves and celebrate not only their own, but, the achievements of others.
We are extremely lucky to have a homely, spacious, attractive and safe environment, offering children a challenging space to meet their physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs.
Heatherlands Pre-primary is big enough to provide a variety of learning opportunities, but at the same time, is small enough to ensure we know all the children. They learn in a well-disciplined, structured atmosphere, where achievement is celebrated by all. If you would like your child to be part of this great little school, we would welcome your enrolment. If you would like to be shown around, I am happy to do this personally.


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Location:   10 Kollege Road, George, Western Cape

Telephone:  076 719 1887

Email: info@heatherlands.co.za


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